Christmas Creeps 59: Pottersville

01/24/2018  By  Joseph Wade     No comments

Christmas Creeps is a podcast in which FRC writer Joseph Wade and his co-hosts crack wise about holiday movies and specials in search of the “True Meaning of Christmas”. They do this all year round for some reason. For more episodes, visit

It’s a new year, and even though the holidays are officially over, Christmas Creeps soldiers onward! This week, Joe & Co. tackle one of the strangest movies to appear on Netflix recently: The Bigfoot “comedy” Pottersville! This is a movie that stars The Shape of Water‘s Michael Shannon as a man who reacts to his wife’s furry-based infidelity by getting blackout drunk, donning a gorilla costume, and traipsing around town. This ignites a Bigfoot frenzy in the town and soon twists itself into a sad, unfunny parody of Jaws, as Tom Lennon, Ian McShane and Ron Perlman march into the woods to capture Bigfoot.

Also, there’s a Christmas movie buried underneath all of this. Yeah we know, we can’t really figure it out either. But we have a lot of fun trying along the way! Anyway, click below to give it a listen!


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