Why “Front Row Central?” you may be asking. After all, no one actually likes to sit in the front row of a movie theater, craning their necks upwards for two hours. They’re the seats you take when you get to the theater late. Everyone has their favorite seats; I personally like to sit in the very top row so I can see more of the screen.

But there’s something to be said for taking the very bottom seats every once in a while. When you choose the front section, you’re picking the seats which give you total and complete immersion, you are literally unable to see anything else but the screen. Where before you were watching actors, you are now looking up at giants. You are now in the world of the filmmakers, experiencing the full breadth of the intake that the directors, writers, producers, composers, actors, and other crew have created for you. The front row represents the entire goal of the filmmaking process: to create a story with visuals and sound that ultimately captivates and completely enraptures the audience.

At Front Row Central, we want you to have the front row experience with every movie you watch, no matter if you’re in the balcony seats or on your living room couch. We aim to seek out and highlight not just the films, but also those performances, shots, deliveries, montages, cuts, cues, and crescendos that make a film worth your full attention. Sure, it means we’ll have to wade through the crap, but if there’s gold to be found, we’ll mine it.

But more than that, we seek to share and to educate, and to learn as we do so. We believe that the more you know about film, the more you understand the language filmmakers use, the history and politics behind their creation, and the references and homages they use, the more you start to enjoy films as a whole. Beyond just reviews, expect to see in-depth analysis from multiple perspectives, shot contexts, special series, interviews with creators, and calls for input from you, the reader. Front Row Central wants to be your hub for information and commentary on films old and new, and to centrally fuse the intellectual and emotional experience of movie-going.

So join us at Front Row Central in celebrating (and often deprecating) great films and the people who make them, as well as those that appreciate them. Our Front Row is not the place you have to go when every other seat is taken. There’s plenty of room, and we’re happy to have you.

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